Kook Box

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Kook Box Kook Box Kook Box
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Made popular by the surfing pioneer Tom Blake “kook boxes” also referred to as cigar boxes or paddleboards were commonly built as wave riding tools during the 1920s through the late 1940s. We used a vintage 1940s kook box as the template for this model.  The frame is made of pine ribs connected to a wood spine, and is hollow.  The nose and tail feature solid redwood for beauty and authenticity.  The rails, top, and bottom are all carefully wrapped in 3/8” wood veneer just like the vintage paddleboards of the past. Includes a brass plug for ventilation and drainage, as well as over 500 slotted brass screws for an authentic replication. Finished in a dark wood stain and water based polyurethane for a smooth feel and protection.

96” long by 20” wide and 4” thick

Please note: All surfboards are made of wood, a product with natural blemishes, differences and variations in grain and surface appearance.